Rebecca Armstrong – Danville, PA
Juan Arata – Berlin, Germany
Antonio Aresco – Middletown, CT
Daniel Bilodeau – Sarasota, FL
T. Ford Bostwick – Shaker Heights, OH
Emily Bowser – Philadelphia, PA
Jackie Brown – Princeton, NJ
Alexis Callender – Brooklyn, NY
Irene Chan – Baltimore, MD
Donelle Cook – State College, PA
Chelsea Coon – New Milford, CT
Eli Cornejo – Berlin, Germany
Daniel Dallmann – Philadelphia, PA
Maria Dimanshtein – Chicago, IL
Lucy Engleman – Oberlin, OH
William Phillip Evans – Carrollton, GA
Carrie Firman
Cari Freno – Philadelphia, PA
Alida Frey – Brooklyn, NY
Brigid O'Brien – Philadelphia, PA
Jacky Hurwitz – Dover, NJ

Sophie Grant – New York, NY
Jennifer Gunlock – Studio City, CA
Sheilah Healow – Billings, MT
Samantha Hookway – Columbus, OH
Jessie Horning – Bethlehem, PA
Sarah Knouse – Hatfield, PA
Melissa Liegner – Philadelphia, PA
Jakub Makalowski – State College, PA
John McKaig – Interlochen, MI
Susannah Mira – La Union, NM
Ellen Mueller – Tampa, FL
Shohia Narrett – Providence, RI
Misako Oba – New York, NY
Jill Ostrowski – Ann Arbor, MI
Yuka Otani – New York, NY
Becky Reiser – State College, PA
Ellen Sayers – Brooklyn, NY
Tom Wagner – Washington DC
Penny Young – Los Angeles, CA
Carlijn Claire Potma – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mathew Adams – Cape Coral, FL

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