Factory Works is a nonprofit organization housed in the Pajama Factory. As a partner of the Pajama Factory AIR program, we provide a limited number of residencies within its Darkroom, Clay Studio, and Woodshop. The Directors of Factory Works Studios will contact residents upon acceptance to discuss additional details.


The Williamsport Community Darkroom is equipped with the following:

  • three enlargers to accommodate 35mm to 4×5 inch negatives
  • dipping tanks and silver bath for wet plate collodion
  • trays and easels for prints up to 16×20 inches
  • 16×20 inch archival print washer
  • dektol and D76 developers and fixer
  • C-41 and E-6 processing is NOT included

Residents are responsible for:

  • Keeping the studio organized and clean
  • Film and paper
  • Specialized chemistry and materials for alternative processes
  • Plates for wet plate photography (if applicable)
  • $50 lab fee for wet plate collodion processing (if applicable)

A conversation between the darkroom director, Ralph Wilson, and the applicant must take place regarding the type of processes the applicant is planning to use.

Clay Studio

The Clay Studio is equipped with the following:

  • slab roller
  • clay extruders
  • work tables
  • tools
  • potter’s wheels
  • wedging tables
  • shelving
  • two large electric kilns
  • portable Raku kiln

Residents are responsible for:

  • Providing at least 10 hours of scheduled studio monitoring time per week
  • Keeping the studio organized and clean
  • Loading and firing their own work, in cooperation with the studio manager's schedule. Guidance provided if needed.
  • Paying for clay, firing and special glazes and other finishes the studio doesn't normally provide
  • House clay is available for $25 for a 25 lb block of cone 5 Laguna B mix white clay and includes some house glazes. A raku body is also available
  • Cost for firing a full kiln load is $15 for bisque at cone 6 and $20 per glaze firing at cone 6

A conversation between the Clay Studio directors, Deb and Dave Stabley, and the applicant must take place regarding the type of clay and finishes the applicant is planning on using. If the applicant plans to bring his or her own clay and finishing products, there will only be a charge for firing.


With 3400 square feet of space and an extensive array of equipment and tools, applicants will have at their disposal everything necessary to build any level of furniture, cabinetry, or sculpture.

Some of the available equipment includes:

  • two 10 inch table saws
  • 12 inch table saw
  • 20 inch planer
  • 24 inch planer
  • two 8 inch jointers
  • two 6 inch jointers
  • 20 inch band saw
  • 17 inch band saw
  • four 14 inch band saws
  • three 3 horsepower shapers
  • 5 horsepower shaper with power feed
  • two 1 horsepower shapers
  • 18/36 inch open-end drum sander
  • an edge sander
  • three drill presses
  • jig saw
  • radial arm saw
  • two downdraft sanding tables
  • six woodturning lathes
  • an overarm pin router
  • a router duplicator
  • a steam box for wood bending
  • an extensive array of furniture clamps

Residents are responsible for:

  • Providing at least 10 hours of scheduled woodshop monitoring time per week
  • Keeping the studio organized and clean
  • Paying for wood and other materials they use

There are several workbenches and work tables for intricate work and assembly. All major equipment is connected to one of several dust collectors. To further enhance the air quality, we have three overhead air filters that will remove the fine dust that all woodworking generates. Applicants are required to supply their own hand tools (drills, routers, wood chisels, carving tools, etc.). We have available all the equipment needed to sharpen those tools to a razor edge and the staff and classes to help you learn how to use them to your fullest advantage. Domestic woods are available for your purchase (walnut, oak, cherry, hickory) or you may bring your own rough cut or milled wood. We discourage the use of salvaged wood, as these sometimes contain metal that will damage the blades on shop equipment.

Answers to your questions are available by email. Please contact us at residents.pjf@gmail.com
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Pajama Factory AIR is a partnership of the Pajama Factory, Factory Works, and the Lycoming County Arts Alliance.

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